You can create multiple visitor chatbox widgets for your multiple websites or sub-domains. Following 2 step process will show you how to create a visitor chatbox widget for your website:

Step 1 – Create widget for your domain name

Go to Settings > Installation in your admin panel and enter the domain name where you want to place the chatbox widget.

Check the following screenshot for reference


Step 2 – Use the generated code

You will see a table like in given following screenshot, this shows generated CHATBOX WIDGET CODE for your each site URL. You can use this CHATBOX WIDGET CODE to put in the footer right before the closing body tag </body> to setup the Chatbox Widget there.

If you are still not able to see the Chatbox widget then make sure you have activated Chatbull by putting Purchase Code.


We hope this step-by-step guide have helped you to successfully chatbox widget on your website. In any case, if you are finding trouble enabling chatbox widget. You can raise a support ticket here at ChatBull Support.