Chatbull comes with an easy to install web installer. The process is simple and straight forward. Here below you can find easy steps to install ChatBull on your server.

Placing ChatBull Installer on your server

After buying the Chatbull from envato, you can download the files packaged together. It delivers following 4 files inside it:

    This is the web app installer which you need to start with.
  2. chatbull-mac-osx.dmg
    This is the Mac desktop app which you can use after successful installation and configuration of web app installer.
  3. chatbull-windows-64bit.exe
    This is the Windows 64bit desktop app which you can use after successful installation and configuration of web app installer.
  4. chatbull-windows-32bit.exe
    This is the Windows 32bit desktop app which you can use after successful installation and configuration of web app installer.

So, the very first step is extract the “” file. It will create a default folder “chatbull-web-app-installer” and all installer files rests inside it.

Now, you can upload this folder to your server where you actually want chatbull to be installed.

For example, if your domain name is and you want ChatBull to install on this domain as “support-chat” so that you can access it like You can simply upload the chatbull-web-app-installer folder there in your root directory and rename it to “support-chat”.

Congratulations! The most complex part is done now. You just need to access the URL in your browser window and a very easy installation process will start now which has 3 easy steps as given below:

Step 1 – Setup Database Info

In this step, you need to fill your database information which includes four fields.

  1. Host Name
    This is usually be “localhost” but in some cases, it is specific one. So, if localhost doesn’t work, you may need to contact your hosting provider for this.
  2. Database Name
    This is the name of the database where you want to install chatbull.We recommend creating a separate database for ChatBull rather using your existing website’s database for this.IMPORTANT
    Always take a backup of your existing database if you are installing ChatBull in an existing database.


Step 2 - Admin Account Setup

Now, ChatBull is successfully installed on your server. You can now setup your admin account. This is the master account which has access to all features.

In order to setup your admin account, you need to fill following detail which you can change later.

  1. Name
    This generally be the name of the person who is going to play the administrator role on ChatBull.
  2. Display Name
    As in ChatBull, administrator him/herself can chat with website visitors as an operator. This display name will appear to the website visitors when they chat.
  3. Email
    This is the email address which later could be used on several occasions like to reset the password if you can’t remember the previous password. So, be careful about putting the correct email address here.
  4. Password
    You will need the above email address and this password to login into the ChatBull admin panel as an administrator.

Check the screenshot below for this.



Step 3 - Configuration Info

Congratulation! ChatBull is successfully installed on your server now. You can check all the login info on this screen.

This screen will show you two important information. First one is the login credentials which you have set in step-2 and second one is, Application URL for Mobile and Desktop. You will need this URL to login in desktop and mobile apps.

Following is a dummy screen which shows the result of this step-3:




Step 4 - Activate ChatBull

Now, you need to activate ChatBull by setting up the purchase code which you have got from envato when you purchased ChatBull.

In order to activate the ChatBull, you need to login into admin panel as administrator and go to Settings >> General

Here you can find an input box for “Purchase Code”. You need to put your purchase code here and hit the SAVE button at very bottom of this page.



We hope this step-by-step guide have helped you to successfully install the ChatBull. In any case, if you are finding trouble installing ChatBull on your server. You can raise a support ticket here at ChatBull Support.