Now, supposing that your are on  Settings   >   Sites Now, you should see a + button in right bottom corner of your window.

Clicking this + button will open a new popup as given in below screenshot.


Now, you need to fill following information to create a new site:

  • Site Title (Required)
    This is a title of your website or business.
  • Site URL (Required)
    The domain name or URL of your website where you want visitor chatbox to be placed.
  • Email (Required)
    This is the email address which will be used as “From� email header to send any email to visitor. Like transcript email upon completion of a chat session.

    ** We recommend that you use the same domain name based email address where you have installed chatbull to stop going these emails into spam or junk folder.
    For example, if you have installed chatbull on then your email must be  or so.
  • Site Logo (Optional)
    Here you can upload logo of your website. This logo could be used (if uploaded) in the emails templates sent to visitors.

After filling the above information, hit the “SAVE� button and a new site will be created.

Now can see a list of created sites as shown in following screenshot.


Click the highlighted icon under the “Action� column in above screenshot.

This will open a popup as shown in following screenshot and here you can find the chatbox widget code for the selected site. Clicking this text will make the whole chatbox widget code selected.


Now, copy this code with Ctrl+C (on Widows) and Cmd+C (on Mac) and paste this on the website’s HTML. Right before the end of body (</body>) tag.