This step-by-step guide is for you to update ChatBull .

Step 1 – Copying Files to Your Server:¬† You must have got a main zip file named “” with your purchase. You will need to extract this file. Extracting this file will create a folder “chatbull-lite-x.x.x”.

Now, Go inside “chatbull-lite-x.x.x” and you will find a folder “upgrade-to-chatbull-lite”.

Now, if your current ChatBull folder on server is “livechat” (it may be something else and its what you gave during installation), then upload all files and folders found in “upgrade-to-chatbull-lite” folder¬† there in “livechat” folder. This will replace few files with the files in your existing folder of ChatBull.

Step 2 – Access The Upgrade Installer: Now, if your ChatBull folder is of name “livechat” on your server and your website is then you need to access in browser and this will initiate the upgrade process.

After accessing the above link, it will show you a screen with a button “UPDATE DATABASE”. Clicking this button will update your database and will make the necessary changes to make ChatBull Lite fully functional.

So, Congratulations!!! You are now with ChatBull Lite new version.

If you still have any query or face any trouble installing ChatBull. Feel free to contact at Support.