Experience the excellence

Our 1.5+ years of development work has brought to you the interface and experience which you and your customers will love. It is based on our so long research.

ChatBull desktop app for both Mac & Windows

For those, who take this seriously, web app is not enough. You need a desktop app for quick notifications, wonderful experience and local storage of shared files to read them offline.

Windows app Mac OSX App
iOS App Coming Soon

Keep in touch with your customers using Mobile Apps

Wherever you go, ChatBull will go with you.

Respond to your customers even when you are not at your desk. ChatBull Android app will keep you connected with your potential customers.

iOS app is coming soon.


No Monthly Subscription

Just pay once and own it for life time.

Everything will be stored on your own server. No dependency on any third party client. You will be the boss here.

You will simply save at least of $1000+ a year.


Use on Multiple Sites

Have multiple sites? No worries, Chatbull comes with multisite support. You can centralize all data at single place but still can

  • Assign Operators to Individual Sites
  • Can filter stats per site on analytical dashboard

Powerful Chat Tool

With Chatbull You Can:

  • See Online Visitors
  • Operator Initiated Chats
  • Simultaneous Chats
  • Chat Forwarding to other operators


Notification is what makes your life easier

  • Desktop app notifies upon new requests
  • Notification for forwarded chat requests
  • Both offline & live chat requests
  • Sound Notifications

Respond Quickly

Become fast in responding

  • Respond while traveling or sitting on couch
  • with mobile app.
  • Canned messages will help you respond faster

Multi-Language Support

Interact with your customers in your own language

  • Add your own language
  • Can translate in all the labels of the app
  • Customize all messages in your own language