Make sure you take a full backup of Database before starting the upgrade process to avoid any kind of issue.

Upgrading from version 2.0 to version 3.0 is very easy and automated.


You DO NOT need to go through with a whole process of installation again. An upgrade link will appear in top of your existing admin panel as given in following screenshot.


Here you can see a notification on the top saying “ChatBull 3.0 is available Please update now”. You need to click the “update now” link and it will initiate the process of upgrading ChatBull and will take you to the DOWNLOAD UPDATES screen as given below.



Thats it and on a successful upgrade you will see the following screen.



We hope this step-by-step guide have helped you to successfully upgrade your existing version to the latest one 3.0. In any case, if you are finding trouble installing ChatBull on your server. You can raise a support ticket here at ChatBull Support.